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Fish is added when the aquatic plants are overgrown and the water quality is stable. 

I'm adjusting the water. The fish came to Nanostoms Beckholdi.

Only about 20 animals are shown in the photo (there were few shops handling them at this time), but in the end, a total of about 90 animals were introduced.

And about 70 Amano shrimp , a cleaner in the aquarium

Adjust the water temperature and carefully adjust the water. 

We also had Otocinclus Negro come.

It continuously exerts its power in cleaning the inside of the aquarium. Making small parts.

Hair glass on the edge of the stone The natural feeling of grass growing around the stone and the production of a feeling of water flow Planting while paying attention to the direction of planting (direction of water flow)

The adviser is right-handed, but the same posture puts a strain on the body, so sometimes I change the scissors to my left hand, raise my pelvis , stretch my back and stretch my body.

Put your right hand on your lap to reduce the strain on your lower back. The aquatic plant layout is a work that requires a long period of unreasonable posture, so I also wrap a corset around my waist.


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