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The Brazilian Aquascaping Contest or CBAP is the most traditional and oldest aquascaping contest in aquariums in Brazil. It had its first edition in 2004, being today the most important aquascaping contest in Latin America. It was one of the pioneers in the world, along with the international references IAPL (International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest), organized in Japan by Aqua Design Amano and the AGA Contest, organized by the Aquatic Gardeners Association, in the United States.

Since its inception, our contest has grown, receiving an increasing number of entries and in 2012, it conquered its position in the international calendar of contests of its kind, starting to receive international entries in an exclusive category for foreigners.

In 2013, the CBAP award party was named EBA (Brazilian Aquatics Meeting) and began to bring together not only planted aquascaping practitioners, but also aquarists from different areas, including freshwater, jumbos, cichlids and marine aquarists.

We want to unite all nature lovers and further strengthen our hobby, showing that everyone has space and must be respected and publicized. We hope that in this way we can unify our efforts and walk together in the solidification and development of Brazilian aquarism.

We count on your participation, disclosure and presence.



Starting Date: The contest opens on July 1 (Brazil GMT-3) 

Closing Date: August 31 (Brazil GMT-3)

Judging Committee: from August 17 to September 30

Release of results: December 05 


Contest Prize

The CBAP trial is carried out in a single phase.

After the EBA – Brazilian Meeting of Aquarists is held and the results are published, the general classification will be made available, covering all aquariums registered within each category in the current edition.

The three best aquascapers in each category (except for the Foreigners category) will be awarded a trophy/ribbon and prizes on products offered by the sponsors.

Prizes will be delivered in person to participants or legal representatives who are present during the EBA.

The costs of the subsequent delivery of prizes to those who are absent are the sole responsibility of the winners, and the event organization is not responsible for it.

In the Foreigners category, only the champion of the category will be awarded, with a trophy/ribbon.


Guidelines and Rules

CBAP is a free aquascaping contest, open to the public and enthusiasts, where the various technical and artistic aspects of the submitted aquariums are evaluated through photos.

To be part of this edition it will be necessary to fulfill the following requirements below:


- Registration must be done through the registration form on the CBAP website.

- Applications by e-mail or any other means will not be accepted.

- Enrollment is free.

- The 3 planted style categories are intended only for Brazilians, or foreigners residing in Brazil for more than 2 years.

- Each participant can submit in each category only one aquarium of their own authorship and property, totaling three aquariums per registered participant, that is, 1 aquarium in each category of the planted division.

- Non-Brazilians are allowed to register only one aquarium in the Foreigners category, regardless of the aquarium's volume.

- Participation in this category is prohibited for Brazilian aquascapers.

- The veracity of all the information provided is essential and the total responsibility of the registrants and failure to comply with this determination may result in the summary disqualification of the participant.



The application must fully contain the following requirements in relation to digital photos:

- Mandatory a frontal photo where it is possible to visualize the WHOLE aquarium.

- Additional photos are at the discretion of the registrant, up to two extra photos are accepted.

- The digital file size cannot exceed  5MB  per photo.

- The proper framing of the photos and clipping of objects external to the aquarium for a better presentation to the judges will be the responsibility of the participant.

- The photos must be submitted  without  name, signature or any mark that identifies the author or its origin , under penalty of disqualification of the entry.

- The inclusion of a black frame around the subject of the photo will be accepted in order to eliminate other objects portrayed.

- Low resolution photos, which make judgment difficult, can automatically disqualify the aquarium since the photo is the only means of evaluation.

- Image editor effects are allowed, as long as they do not modify the true content of the photo. Adjustments to focus, brightness, saturation and color level will be tolerated if used sparingly.

- The photo that presents any type of manipulation that substantially alters the quality of the image, adding or removing any element of the subject, or that is used with the intention of taking advantage or distorting the evaluation of the judges will be summarily disqualified, being able to, at the discretion of the organization, ban indefinitely or even permanently, the author of the montage.


In case of doubts to prove suspicions regarding the content of the entries submitted to the Judging Panel, the Contest Organization determines that:

- The counter-proof in case of image editing must be made by additional images of the aquarium sent by the participant, containing the entire aquarium or details, where the disputed point is shown and attests to the veracity of the submitted photos.

- The Contest Organization reserves the right to accept or not the reproof and its decision is irrevocable.

- The counter-proof in case of ownership of the assembly must be made by images or documents that attest to the ownership or execution of the layout by the registrant.

- The Contest Organization reserves the right to accept or not the reproof and its decision is irrevocable.

- In case of non-presentation of a counter-proof or negative by the competition organization, the aquarium is immediately disqualified and measures against the participant will be discussed and applied later.


As for the aquarium data;

- The information contained in the online registration form must be filled in with all or as much information as possible about the aquarium being represented in the photos.

- Inadequate filling or non-veracity of the information on the registration form may automatically disqualify the participant.


By sending the material to the Brazilian Aquascaping Contest, the participant will automatically authorize its use, whether photos, texts or any other information, by the organization of this contest, without any restriction of dissemination, by print, television, digital, other means of data transmission or any other mode that may exist, without any kind of charge.


In this edition of the contest we have four categories:

Planted up to 65 liters  – Planted aquariums with a gross volume of up to 60 liters set up by Brazilian or foreign aquascapers residing in Brazil for more than 2 years

Planted from 65.01 to 200 liters  – Planted aquariums with a gross volume of more than 60 liters with a limit of 200 liters, set up by Brazilian or foreign aquascapers residing in Brazil for more than 2 years.

Planted over 200.01 liters  – Planted aquariums with a gross volume of over 200 liters set up by Brazilian aquascapers or foreigners residing in Brazil for more than 2 years.

Foreigners  – Planted aquariums without volume restrictions and set up by foreign aquascapers of any nationality.


Judging Criteria

The disclosure of the judging committee is the responsibility of the CBAP Organization, which may decide for its disclosure before or after the end of the registration period.
The judges will have the deadline between 08/17 and 09/30 to evaluate all works. 


The following evaluation criteria for submitted applications are defined:


General Impression – General  appearance and first visual impact of the montage. Originality, originality, aesthetic strength, representativeness of Nature in the arrangement and presentation of layout elements, as well as fauna, flora, hardscape and layout execution difficulties.

Artistic / Aesthetic Criteria. (1 to 100 points).


Selection and positioning of Plants  – Adaptation of the flora used in the execution of the layout, positioning, bushes, pruning technique, color/shadow/light contrasts in the composition, textures, shapes, etc.

Technical Assessment Criteria. (1 to 30 points).

Selection and positioning of Hardscape – Adequacy of the hardscape material used in the execution of the layout. Positioning, harmony, technical composition, contrasts, textures, strength of the elements, cleanliness and natural atmosphere of the forms.

Technical Assessment Criteria. (1 to 30 points).

Harmony between the Fauna and the layout - Healthy fauna and according to the layout, dimensions of the aquarium and other materials used in its maintenance.

Technical Assessment Criteria. (1 to 25 points).

Photo quality , sharpness, focus, exposure, contrast, etc. in taking the photo. (1 to 15 points).

*Each aquarium can receive a maximum of 200 points.


How to apply

Go url 


- Never leave your registration in the last week, technical problems can occur due to the receipt of an excessive number of registrations and the organization of the contest will not reimburse the registered in any way, if your registration is not made.

- The organization of the contest reserves the right not to provide any other details regarding the judgment of the entries.

- Since the only means of proof and visual evaluation of the entries is through the photos provided at the time of the participant's registration, it is common sense that the photos must be of sufficient quality for verification (See item #2).

- Low quality photos, blurred, smudged, with traces of excessive electronic editing or any other characteristics that prevent their evaluation by the members of the judging panel, will invariably harm or even eliminate the work of the contest. Before sending any information, check the veracity of the material that is being sent, as it will be analyzed by the judging panel of the contest.

- The Contest Organization may, at any time, ask the registrant for proof of ownership of the aquarium, such as specific photos, sending material by mail, etc. If ownership of the aquarium is not confirmed, or if the use of other people's photos is confirmed, the aquarium will be automatically disqualified, and its position will be occupied by the next in order of classification. Insistence on disrespecting the contest rules may result in the disqualification of the participant and all of their registered aquariums.

- The value of the freight and the means of receiving the prizes/trophies/ribbons are the responsibility of the winner. Prize winners may collect the prize in person at the address chosen by the Contest Organization, free of charge, or shall bear the shipping costs.

- Entries of old works and/or evolutions of previous assemblies may suffer an effective reduction of points in their evaluation, being the responsibility of each judge and the organization of the event.

- Aquariums already awarded between the first and tenth place in any category, will not be able to participate again in the contest.


Contact Information

The Competition Organization reserves the right to change the rules and any provisions of this regulation at any time, without prior notice.

Questions and suggestions should be directed to the Organizing Committee, using the contact form.

We hope that everyone can recover with health as soon as possible from this pandemic and we thank everyone for their participation and especially for their collaboration in understanding the changes and changes required in this edition of the contest.

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