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ISTA International Aquascaping Contest is the very first time Taiwan launching a worldwide contest, which opens to everyone and free of charge.

In order to promote aquascaping in Taiwan and Worldwide, we sincerely invite participants from all over the world to attend this great contest. The goal is to encourage and inspire more people to join the world of aquascaping. Furthermore, we are very honor to have professional hobbyists from different countries to be our judges.

With the convenience of Internet, participants can easily attend the competition simply by upload their photos on our website. Taiwanese judges will pick up top 50 works at the primary selection and the final will be conducted by all international judges.

The entry fee is free of charge and every participant can upload up to 5 works that made in one year. The prize of IIAC is also the highest in the world;


IIAC History

IIAC 2015

IIAC 2016

IIAC 2017

IIAC 2018

IIAC 2019

IIAC 2020 - postponed due to the COVID-19

IIAC 2021

IIAC 2022

IIAC 2023 - updating



Starting Date: The contest opens on April 1st (GMT +8)

Closing Date: June 30th (GMT +8)

Result announcement: The final result will be announced in September.


Contest Prize

Grand Prize
1 person 
Prize: 10.000 USD
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Gold Prize
1 person
Prize: 3.000 USD
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Silver Prize
1 people
Prize: 1.500 USD
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Bronze Prize
1 people
Prize: 1.000 USD
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Merit Prize
1 people
Prize: 500 USD
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Honorable Mention
(6th - 10th)
Prize: 300 USD
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Winning Work
(11th - 20th)
Prize: 150 USD
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Nominating Work
(21st - 50th)
Prize: 50 USD
Extra: Certificate


Guidelines and Rules

Free for all contest entry
Participants can upload up to five works, as long as the works are made this year, BUT only ONE photo per work is accepted. We strongly suggest you use the full frontal photo.

The photo must be JPEG format, no smaller than 3.0 megapixels and no bigger than 5MB.


● The work must be aquatic tanks; other types of tank are not accepted. Please choose aquatic plants for your tank, as choosing land plants will receive penalty point.
● All size of tanks is welcome, but the works must be made this year by participant herself/himself. The works can also be attended other contest with no point deduction.
● The photo must be the original photo without any special effect or alteration. In the event of post editing, the works will be disqualified.
● If you also apply for other contests, for your rights and interests, please read their rules carefully.
● Please make sure your photo is clear enough for the judges to evaluate.
● The organization has the right to use the pictures free of charge with unlimited access, but the participants own the copyright.


Judging Criteria

Screening Process 

1. Primary Selection

July 1st to July 10th, Taiwanese judges will chose 50 works into Final.

2. Final Selection

July 11th to August 31th, our world class judges will grade the top 50 works and comment on the works. The final result will be announced in September.

3. Scoring Method

Every judge will give a score for top 50 works, and hand over to the organization. The highest and lowest score will be deducted and calculate the mean as final score.


Grading Guidelines 


Total Impression 20% - Overall Harmony between all components ; Completeness of the layout ; Uniqueness and creativity

Hardscape Choice and Composition 20% - Balance in the overall composition (sense of depth, focus, light&shade, details) ; Proper proportion of hardscape, no over use ; No improper use of artificial material ; Remove all the accessories during photographing

Water Plants Condition 15% - Water plants growth condition ; Water plants are showing the right color and in the health shape. ; Water plants health condition. ;Using only water plants, no emersed plants

Water Plants Selection and Coordination 15% - The Selection of water plants’ species, colors, heights, leaves’ size and shape are in well coordination.

Water Plants Matureness  10% - Water Plants are complete in natural growth, not too young in the layout.

Animals Coordination 10% - Comfortable environment for animals ; Selection of animals’ size and amount

Tank Maintenance and Condition 10% - Clarity of water condition, no impurity in the tank. ; Algae control, no overgrowth algae in the tank.


How to apply

Go url


Contact Information

ISTA International Aquascaping Contest.

No. 15 Qijia 5th St. Guiren Dist. Tainan City, TAIWAN 711
PHONE: 886-6-2303818 FAX: 886-6-2306734
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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