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I put in the soil because I had a rough skeleton. When soil is added, the overall impression will change drastically, so make further fine adjustments.

Seen from the side, it looks like this. It ’s a pretty steep slope. Fill the cotton tightly so that the soil does not slip through the gaps between the stones

The repair material for the bathroom is overcoated on the part bonded with the curing agent. When it dries, it becomes a flexible rubber and maintains waterproof performance.

Side view

We will set up a space like a hinamatsuri in a sauna so that you can plant plenty of stalked grass. I used a total of 18 liters of soil (two large size bags).

Finally, we will move on to the planting stage. And before that, the final confirmation of the overall layout. Review the photos you took and see if you can express a solid contrast "shadow"

It is confirmed that the shadow penetrates a certain modeling theme and stands out as a strong impression on the whole

I think at this point. And the light banquet is over. Now, make the ground and use the usual new large pearl glass.

 It was cultivated on the windowsill and in Styrofoam.

It is a sufficient amount. The material needs to be cultivated and prepared in advance. The World Aquatic Plants Layout Contest is an art of planning and preparation. Moisten the entire soil with a spray bottle.

Due to the large amount of soil, we poured water directly from the tap so as not to break the layout because the spray could not make it in time. The perfect glass lid (custom order) traps water and allows the material in the aquarium to absorb water.

Leave it for a while. Finally planting.

Due to the large area, tweezers cannot be used. Tear it off and place it by hand. Later, it will be placed in the space for planting pedunculated grass. First of all, priority is given to solidifying the ground so that the soil does not collapse on steep slopes.






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