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KIAC pursues a purely contest consisting of only Aquascapers for all managements, judges, and participants.
We hope it will be a festival that recognizes it as a field of art beyond a hobby and grows together by enjoying each other's works rather than competing. Please enjoy the work of the artist's philosophy and visual beauty with other participants.
Please share your works with other participants and enjoy them, including visual beauty and the artist's philosophy. Thank you.

Both professionals and amateurs can enter the contest. There are no restrictions on overl apping submissions with other domestic and international competitions, and only the cre ative work of the entrant (individual) is allowed. (There is no limit to the size of the aquarium tank)

No participation fee


Starting Date: The contest opens on April 1st (Korean Standard time : GMT +9)

Closing Date: June 30th (Korean Standard time : GMT +9)

Result announcement: The final result will be announced in July. (Korean Standard time : GMT +9)


Contest Prize

Grand Prize
1 person 
Prize: 5,000,000 ₩
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Gold Prize
1 person
Prize: 4,000,000 ₩
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Silver Prize
1 people
Prize: 3,000,000 ₩
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Bronze Prize
1 people
Prize: 2,000,000 ₩
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Honorable Mention
(5th - 6th)
Prize: 1,000,000 ₩
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

(7th - 8th)
Prize: 500,000 ₩
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

(9th - 10th)
Prize: 300,000 ₩
Extra: Metal Plate & Certificate

Winning Work
(11th - 20th)
Prize: 200,000 ₩
Extra: Certificate

(21st - 30th)
Prize: 100,000 ₩
Extra: Certificate

It is paid in dollars by applying the exchange rate at the time the prize money is paid.
1st and 2nd place winners will be invited to the Korea Aqua Pet Show in August 2023.


Guidelines and Rules


Basic Rules

1. Only one work per person can be submitted.

2. Only freshwater aquatic plant layout works can participate.

3. The submitted photo must have been taken within the past year as of the deadline and should not have participated in any competitions during the previous year.

4. However, as the organizer of the competition, KAA may use the image of the artwork without the consent of the participant in postings and printed materials related to the competition.

5. There are no restrictions on duplicate entries in this contest with entries from other contests, but the organizer is not responsible for any problems caused by duplicate entries in other contests. (Duplicate entries with the Nano KAC, a competition exclusively for Koreans, are not permitted.)

6. Entries that violate the rules of this competition may be disqualified before or after the ranking is decided.

Pictures Rules

1. Only JPEG file can be submitted, and if you have taken pictures with other extensions, please convert them to JPEG before uploading.

2. All parts of the front of the tank must be filmed, and partial shots will result in disqualification.

3. Partial or image editing other than file size adjustment, file conversion, color and contrast correction will be disqualified.

4. Be sure to keep the original, unedited copy before submission. You have to submit both the original and the entry photo. Please submit it even if the two pictures are the same.
① Original photo (CR2, CR3, CrW, nef, nrw, rwl, arw, srf, sr2, orf, srw, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF or Other RAW files)
② Entry photo (jpeg/max 5mb)

5. Contrast and slight color correction of the artwork is possible, but if partial correction or image editing is found, it will be disqualified.

6. The photo must be of the entire aquarium taken from the front. (Only underwater part s will be judged and photos taken from different angles and showing only parts of the aquarium may result in disqualification.)

Judging Criteria



1st Screening → 9 Official Judges from each country select the Top 50 works.

2nd Screening → 9 Official Judges from each country determine the Final Ranking after detailed screening.

● Only 'photos, participation numbers, and titles of the work' will be provided to the judges.

Evaluation Criteria

Harmony Between Nature And Artificiality: 30 point

The Health And Condition Of Aquatic Plants And Fish: 30 point

Creativity And Originality Of Work: 20 point

Creator’S Technical Skills: 10 point

Overall Composition: 10 point


How to apply

Go url


Contact Information

Korea Aquascape Association -

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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