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It is a mist type and will be managed in this state for about 2 months. In about a month, the aquatic plants will develop as if they were switched on.

It's a time when you have nothing to do just to watch over.

Just wait patiently. Spray as appropriate. A green carpet of mosamosa was made, and the ground was solidified.

It seems that the time for water injection has come.

How much water should be stored underneath during the mist type I often get the question, but it depends on the layout, so it is case by case.

In the case of an adviser, it is about 1 cm. Sometimes I open the lid and spray it, so if too much water collects, suck it out with a silicone tube.

Water is injected from the gap space of the acrylic cover installed in the back of the aquarium.

It's easy because the water flow doesn't break the layout. Water injection is a thrilling moment.

When water enters the aquarium, the scenery you are used to seeing changes completely. 

Water injection completed! Install an external filter

Auxiliary light is placed on the glass lid. Let the light reach the undergrowth in front of you.

Start adding CO2!

With this, we were able to create an environment where aquatic plants can grow lively even in water.

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