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Every day, I will assemble stones. If you make the wrong stone arrangement, you will not be able to go back, so make sure to align the angles and glue them carefully.

Repeatedly fine-tuning by looking at the situation from a distance.

Fill the gaps between the stones with cotton to prevent the soil from leaking out.

With no gaps.

View from the side.

The width is 50 cm deep and has a steep slope to express perspective. I decided to use a stone with a different texture for the background. It ’s a painstaking task.

It's a really pleasant and luxurious time to be absorbed in creating.

Now that you can see the whole picture, put in the soil.

This time as well, we used ADA's Aqua Soil-Amazonia Ver.2. Approximately 2 months from an empty aquarium to here

Quiet creation continues.

Author: Katsuki Tanaka / Source: seikasuisoubu design


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