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As usual, I went to the mountains with CAJ members. I will borrow the layout material from the mountain. At the same time, we will return the materials used last year to the mountain. thank you for helping me.

I am thinking about the layout of the rock formation this time as well. The stones used cannot be purchased at the aqua shop because they want freshness as a material. There is no choice but to search by foot. That is also fun fieldwork.

Approximate sketch. I drew it with my finger on the iPad. (By reclining the sauna facility)

It's a rough design, but at this stage, the outcome of the contest is decided. It's the most important, the most time-consuming, and yeah, if you go beyond this stage of holding your head, all you have to do is make it as usual.

In my head, I have a picture that is close to the finished form.

Impressive and new modeling images that you will never forget once you see them will directly lead to good results in this contest . Finally, the adviser feels like he can win the Grand Prix. (At this stage)

Now, let's get into concrete production. As usual, self-made water supply covers on both sides of the aquarium

Water supply pipes, heaters, CO2 agitators, etc. are stored in this space. When pouring water, start from here. Each year as the, bottom floor additives sprinkling

I'm still not sure about the effect, so I'm sorry.

The empty aquarium is a white canvas. If you put it in front of you, the fun of creation will reach its peak.

The creator of this world rolls up his arms with Ninmari.

To raise the height, we installed a self-made acrylic stand and fixed it with lava stone. It is a part that is hidden in the soil, so don't worry about its appearance.

Fill the gap with cotton. I hope that bacteria will settle in and contribute to the maintenance of water quality.

We will pile up stones one after another. In some places, a hardener is used to bond.

Use a string or tape to secure the adhesive until it dries. It is important to remember to grow aquatic plants at the same time during this period.

At the stage of finishing, there are not enough aquatic plants! It is important to grow the materials from an early stage with plenty of time so that it does not happen.

Author: Katsuki Tanaka / Source: seikasuisoubu design


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