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Shining achievements

In 2023, Vietnamese aquascaping achieved brilliant results at international competitions. At the worlds largest aquarium contest - IAPLC (The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest) IAPLC 2023 World Ranking Announcement - the Vietnamese team won the Bronze medal overall.

The Vietnamese team's "Grasp" made a strong impression on the judges and audience with its creative and unique design.

At the KIAC - Korea International Aquascaping Contest 2023 KIAC 2023 World Ranking Announcement, our team won gloriously with Grand Prize and Gold Prize. 

Takayuki Fukada san (famous scaper from Japan) said: When I saw this work, I felt that this was an unprecedented idea and that it might become one of the future trends in aquascape expression. Above all, the large piece driftwood that boldly assembled along the top of the tank, emphasizing its power and depth, attracts my attention. Another characteristic is that the space of the vanishing point is very narrow and delicately produced. The contrast between the strong shadows of big driftwood in the foreground and the delicate highlights of vanishing point determines the impression of this work. The planting is a little monotonous and should be improved, but there is no doubt that it is a very impressive and amazing work.


It is a layout that combines very unique and characteristic stones with a bold composition. What impressed me was not only the use of unique stones, but also the perfect alignment of the stones flow from left side to right side. If you look more carefully, you can see that the streaks of the stone also follow the overall flow. The planting, which is mainly green, also matches well with the contrast with the color tone of the stone and makes us feel the skill of the author. However, the red lotus nympha planted in the foreground, which was obviously planted later, may give different opinions to those who see it.

At the IIAC 2023 World Ranking Announcement - ISTA International Aquascaping Contest 2023, our team continued to perform at a hight level, with the Gold and Silver Prize rankings 

Gold Prize - IIAC 2023 - Curves - Ant Long Tran Hoang / VietNam 

Silver Prize - IIAC 2023 - Fallen - Tran Duc Minh / VietNam

Honorable Mention - IIAC 2023 - Twilight - Pham Duc Manh/VietNam

Pride of the Vietnamese aquascaping community 

The achievements of Vietnamese aquascaping in 2023 are a great source of pride for the Vietnamese aquascaping community. They are a testament to the hard work and dedication of Vietnamese aquascapers in developing this art form.

These achievements have helped to raise the profile of Vietnamese aquascaping on the international stage, while also attracting the attention of people from Vietnam and around the world to this art form.

Potential for development


With its existing potential and advantages, Vietnamese aquascaping is sure to continue to develop and achieve even greater heights in the future. In addition, the Vietnamese aquascaping community is also growing and becoming stronger. This will create motivation and opportunities for Vietnamese aquascapers to learn and develop this art form.

Vietnamese aquascaping is on a strong growth trajectory and has achieved many outstanding achievements. This is a great joy for the Vietnamese aquascaping community and a positive sign for the future development of this art form.




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