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The 6th place (Bronze Prize) in the world ranking was awarded to "TURO DEL'HOME" by Mr.Bernat Hosta from Andorra. It is a great work that appears like a painting. Three judges selected this aquascape as their best aquarium. Their comments are listed below:

IAPLC 2018 Gallery - Look back history - World Ranking 0006 - Bronze Prize


Author: Bernat Hosta Rovira / ANDORRA

Aquarium Size/W90×D50×H43(cm)

Aquatic Plants

Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba'

Micranthemum sp.

Rotala rotundifolia

Bucephalandra sp.

Ceratopteris pteridoides

Cryptocoryne parva

Cryptocoryne petchii

Hydrocotyle tripartita

Eleocharis parvula

Anubias barteri var. nana "Pangolino”

Anubias barteri var. nana

Fish & Invertebrates

Trigonostigma espei


World Ranking 0006 Bronze Prize IAPLC 2018

1st Place AGA 2018 Aquatic Garden 120~200L 


I checked the mailbox in the morning and Surprise !!! There was the post notification from ADA Japan!! At that moment I knew I could have a very good rank, so I felt very proud and very satisfied. Since I couldn't go for the letter until afternoon, I spent all the day with different emotions and thinking, trying to be patient until then. Later, I went to pick up the letter from the post office being very nervous and anxious. Once I had the letter on my hands I wanted to share this moment with my two daughters who were waiting for me in the car. I gave it to my older daughter to open and read it for me because I was too excited to do anything. She was nervous and excited, too. To open this kind of envelop is not easy, and it becomes much more difficult when you are nervous. Finally she opened and read it and told us "6th"... It was an explosion of mixed emotions : happiness, pride and excitement for all. It was a special moment for me and my daughters that we immediately shared with my wife who was out of the city at that moment. Then I informed my aquascaper friends about it and enjoyed the fabulous news

Comment of Mr. Huang Yu-Fa (TAIWAN)

This layout has originality and it is particularly prominent among the top 127 layouts. The composition of the layout and the arrangement of the aquatic plants are delicate, and especially the colour of aquatic plants is expressed well. This is the layout that you can enjoy both in your eyes and heart as if you are seeing a certain land- scape, and you want to see it again and again. The patience of the creator can be seen in the layout. Taking advantage of his extensive knowledge of aquatic plants, he successfully makes the most of each plant's characteristics in the layout. I can also see confidence in his handling of the plants attached to the driftwood. They look just like tree leaves; a new and clever technique of expression. I gave my highest rating to this layout

Comment of Mr. David Boruchowitz (U.S.A.)

The contest entries always demonstrate the principles that Mr. Amano taught, including among others observing the Golden Ratio, exploiting perspective to create depth, attaching plants to rocks and wood, utilizing floating plant species as foreground substrate plants, and the use of differently colored soils and sands. My number one aquatic plant layout this year is an outstanding example of how these principles can recreate the beauty of Nature. At first glance one this layout resembles a photograph of a beautiful forest brook with birds flying over. But then you see that it is a painstakingly sculpted aquarium garden with a school of fish. The fish have the freedom of a detailed but open layout, a natural-like habitat. They can travel freely around the setup confident that there is always a nearby plant into which they can dive if they feel threatened. The "stream" divides the layout into the Golden Ratio. This concept, which is found in many places in Nature, provides a balance without the boring symmetry of a design divided exactly in half. Stones, wood, and plants are meticulously placed to give the illusion of great depth. Close inspection reveals an extremely careful arrangement of sticks with smaller and smaller diameters to represent tree trunks, and in the far background the sticks become extremely thin and are then replaced by very small plants. The view seems to go for kilome- ters to the horizon. Central is a "pool" or widening of the stream. This clever trompe l'oeil is created by a small mirror, and the effect is the perfect crowning touch. Although I scored this layout the highest, there were several extremely close behind, and the overall quality of the entries was stupendous

Comment of Mr. Armando Miguel Alves (BRAZIL)

I identify myself with this work of art. The state of nature portrayed here shows the image of great harmony and calmness in the tree shadows of the beautiful valley, and even in the existence of a lake! The fish floating above it look as if they were birds flying in a clear blue sky. Taking a look at the composition, I can tell how happy the artist was about the composition of this beautiful painting because the harmonious balance of its components is perfect. I even believe that this is the most beautiful layout I have ever evaluated to this day! It has a clean design, a breathing area, and synchronization of images and colors, giving it a real special effect. In my opinion, when an artist wants to 'imprint' his skills and knowledge on a work as diverse as this, he thinks of an image and portrays it in a drawing. But when he materializes this image into a real aquarium, there are so many variables, such as growth of the plants, the size of the fish, the balance of the water, the sand, the lighting, etc. The artist's talent is evident. Going through so many simultaneous events, the cold drawing turns into a warm, living realization of his imagination with enriched details and his admiration for the creatures. It is a privilege to be part of an event like this even in a coadjuvant role, and to admire great works before many others will do. Congratulations to the artist of this work!

Comment from Jeff Miotke

Exceptional skill in recreating this scene. Planting is very strong to reinforce the overall feel. Great job!

Comment from Dennis Wong

Execution is outstanding. Plant textures and placement fits the perspective work and sense of scale perfectly.

Comment from André Longarco

This work is almost perfect. A diorama. I liked the look and feel of the layout very much. It looks like an enchanted forest. The strong point of this work was the sensitivity of the author to work magnificently the trunks and crowns of the trees. Sensational masterwork. The bushes and shrubs were also very well represented. They seem real. The only caveat I make in this masterpiece is the back part where I believe the pebbles could be replaced by plants or have a smoother more natural skyline. Awesome work.


Comment from Karen Randall

I think you did an amazing job replicating the terrestrial painting you chose. And what a marvelous tribute to a wonderful man! This is a fresh new look at the “woodland” aquarium. The detail is wonderful it is light and bright and uses a lovely variety of plants rather than the moss and Buce that we see in so many darker woodland scapes. Well done!

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    The first Bronze prize is awarded to a forest style aquascape, a popular theme of the contest. Thick driftwood pieces are used to create trunks, branches, and roots of the trees that form the hardscape of the composition, and thinner driftwood branches represent aerial roots and creeper plants. On top of the trees, thick canopies are created with Bolbitis, and at the base of the trees, the combination of moss and Bucephalandra depicts the vegetation of the forest floor. Such a powerful expression of forest is eye-catching. In addition, the open space that is clearly outlined in the center looks like an exit leading to a new world.
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    This aquascape won the second Silver prize for its incredible visual presentation. As the title indicates, the dynamic composition, which looks as if swirling toward the central open pace, was inspired by Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) of Katsushika Hokusai. This aquascape represents the dynamism of the earth with a sense of nature and an underwater feeling that are expressed in an extraordinary manner. In that sense, the green of the aquatic plants planted in strips along the rock arrangement and the bright red color of Puntius denisoni swimming in groups can be remarked as elements that contribute to the beautiful visual presentation.
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Pure - Josh Sim / Malaysia - IAPLC 2020

    The first Silver prize is awarded to a mysterious aquascape, mainly using shade-loving plants such as ferns and moss. The dynamic arrangement of large driftwood, which is the framework of the aquascape, looks matched to Pterophyllum altum while creating a powerful impression and an underwater feeling. In addition, Eleocharis acicularis and the relatives of Nymphaea in the background add perspective to the aquascape. However, the black background may give a deep and dark impression to viewers, although it matches the mysterious atmosphere of this aquascape. In that respect, this work received mixed reviews.
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    The Gold prize winning work presents a remarkable driftwood composition. The depth that goes beyond the size of this aquarium is created by expanding the central open space towards the far right side, along with the drastically arranged driftwood. In addition, a mirror embedded in the substrate gives an interesting visual effect; it looks as if a river is running in the aquascape, or the driftwood is floating in the air, depending on the viewer's viewpoint. The visual impact is enhanced by the skinny branches placed behind the large driftwood that makes up the framework of the composition, and the subtle and low-key planting of epiphytes
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Eden - Siak Wee Yeo / Malaysia - IAPLC 2020

    This year's Grand prize goes to an energetic driftwood aquascape. When this type of composition is made, rocks are often glued together to form the framework, but in this work, large driftwood pieces are boldly used to build the aquascape's foundation. Driftwood is also used for the stalactite-like extensions that hang down from above. This gives a softer impression to the aquascape than making them with rocks, and helps match their texture with that of the driftwood framework.
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    The third Bronze Award winning aquascape gives an interesting impression made by a nice blending of its diorama like aspects and underwater appearance. Among many entries showcasing forest landscapes, this layout rather represents a fairy tale scenery than depicting a realistic forest image. It leads us to enjoy this layout simply as an underwater scene where fish live. Great planting details; especially the presentation of red plants is exquisitely effective, which enriches the visual presentation and creates a fantasy like atmosphere
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Flood Season - Quang Minh Nguyen / VietNam - IAPLC 2019

    Here is the second Bronze Prize winning layout characterized by its gentle wood work. The maker mainly used moss for the layout, but he has avoided a monotonous manner by planting lighter green plants in spots. The white decorative sand laid under driftwood branches helps prevent the aquascape from becoming too gloomy, and it also successfully enhances the underwater appearance. This layout is highly acclaimed for making a moderate amount of open space and the well-balanced composition. What makes it unique is the sense of serenity found in the expression of natural feel.
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Fallowness - Siak Wee Yeo / Malaysia - IAPLC 2019

    Interestingly, the first Bronze Award winning aquascape uses straight driftwood pieces similar to the ones in the Grand prize work. Making the most of the characteristics of driftwood, the layout forms a unique composition by emphasizing the horizontal lines. The layout showcases a wonderful underwater presentation with its perfect positioning of fish and a pleasant sense of water flow given by the driftwoods and supporting rocks oriented in the same direction. The maker intentionally photographed the aquascape in the way, making the water surface look like an open space, and this worked favorably for the evaluation.
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Guardians - Martial Hervy / France - IAPLC 2019

    An authentic concave aquascape won the second Silver Award. Its radially-arranged wood work is reminiscent of Takashi Amano's Nature Aquarium layouts while planting details and the color tone are nicely done in European style. The nice blending of these characteristics is, indeed, the originality of this aquascape. The execution of the layout is outstanding in terms of the composition balance and plants' conditions. However, the maker could improve the presentation of fish habitat by putting more emphasis on the fish's presence.
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Summer Solstice - Fuhong Guan / China - IAPLC 2019

    The first Silver Award is given to a magnificent layout work presenting a circular opening in the center of the tank. The entries with eccentric compositions usually polarize the judges' opinions, but this aquascape received favorable responses from the majority of them. We can assume that this is because of its balanced composition work, finely adjusted on both sides, and beautiful color combination. Although the aquascapes that mainly consist of moss often give a gloomy impression, the maker avoids it by effectively presenting the red colors of plants and fish in this layout. The blue gradation background is also visually effective.
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Tankei - Takayuki Fukada / Japan - IAPLC 2019

    Mr. Takayuki Fukuda (Japan) won the Gold prize with his aquascape layout. What is most striking about his work is its representation of the cliffs protruding from both the left and right sides of the composition. Using massive rocks projecting strong shadows alone could impart an oppressive impression, but he prevented it by tactfully making an open space in the center through the upper section. The stem plants shown in the opening under the cliffs also soften the image. These are adept strategies of a creator who is an expert of layouts of this sort
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Dream On - Josh Sim / Malaysia - IAPLC 2019

    This year's Grand prize goes to Mr. Josh Sim of Malaysia. What inspires us the most about this work is its novel and powerful approach to the composition brought out by fine planting details. This aquascape was created faithfully to the teachings of Takashi Amano, founder of Nature Aquarium and this contest; "Go bold with your composition, but careful with planting." Although the driftwood pieces used as the primary layout material of this aquascape are rectilinear and relatively large, their combination and arrangement are creating smart visual effects. The making of eccentric layouts in a deliberate manner seems to be one of the latest trends in contest submissions, but we believe that this layout is highly regarded because it achieves a strong impact while appearing less suggestive.
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Home - Jin Liang / China - IAPLC 2018

    This layout is highly regarded with its dynamic composition, giving a strong sense of perspective. We can find it in the shadows on the central pillar and at the right corner of the scene, the series of arches that run from the front left section to the right back corner, and the wall-like structure behind the arches, that is built along the left front and the right rear side. Every aspect of the composition is intricately calculated to create depth in the layout, but regretfully, this also makes the layout almost look artificial
  • [TheStoriesOfTop7] Butterfly Hideaway - Steven Chong / United States - IAPLC 2018

    The composition creates an image as if you were looking up at a land erosion from a cave. Making hanging vines and spreading roots with fine branches is a commonly practiced technique nowadays, but it is tastefully done in this layout. The creator tactfully emphasizes perspective by attracting your eye to the space overlapping between the V-shaped open space located at the top of the aquascape and the smaller open space on the right side. On the other hand, the presentation of plant arrangement, that is mostly composed of mosses and ferns, looks flat and unappealing