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Using plants with different colors and shape to create multi- layers and adding river and woods in the center, to make the overall structure more stable. When I was feeding, the fishes swam out from the rivers, this is my favorite scene during the process of making this planted tank.

IIAC 2019 World Ranking Announcement - World Ranking 0005 - Merit Prize

Autumn Forest

Author: Kevin Liu / Taiwan

W120 x D60 x H55 (cm)

Comments from Diego Marinelli

Branches without leaves and warm, saturated colors: the feeling of autumn comes out great from this composition. I love this combination with fish and the sense of depth given by the use of aquatic plants.

Comments from Frederic Fuss

I really liked this layout because of its perfect color scheme. Very skillful transitions from deep red to orange, dark green and light green. The hardscape has its weaknesses and some areas in the front are slightly neglected. All in all, one of the strongest participants this year. Thanks a lot!

Comments from Gary Wu

A peaceful layout, a perfect color combination. The branches position and shape like a blooming flower interspersed with the colorful plants create this harmonize atmosphere. Good job.

Comments from Hsu Yung Lin

Using driftwood to create the infinity space and combine with different kinds of water plants, an excellent work with great depth.

Comments from Lin Ting Quan

A work with elegancy, peace and beauty. Water plant selection and arrangement is very unique. The overall atmosphere is calm and close to nature, doesn't emphasize on the hardscape. An excellent layout.

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  • Borneo - IIAC 2021 #04 - Acho Choky / Indonesia

    Alhamdulillah ALLAH SWT.. I am very satisfied with my achievements this year, and this is the 3rd time I have participated in the IIAC contest, an this year I am very happy & proud to be ranked 4th in the IIAC world. The inspiration for the theme of my aquascape is that I take the concept of a forest in the interior of Kalimantan which is natural and has a unique forest character. where I worked on this concept for approximately 2 weeks, and the treatment did not take too long, and the results are very satisfying I can be ranked 4 IIAC this year. Thank you all friends who have helped. thank you IIAC. Hopefully next year can participate again & even better, insha Allah.
  • Through the meadows - IIAC 2021 #05 - Luis Cardoso / Portugal

    This tank was created with the idea of make a nice contrast between the big pieces of wood, and the color of plants, creating the idea of a walk through the meadows, full of color and plants.
  • Selayar - IIAC 2021 #06 - Nurul Hikmah Sigit / Indonesia

    Selayar is one of beautiful island in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
  • Fairy Hollow - IIAC 2021 #07 - Selcuk Durmaz / Turkey

    First of all, I am very happy to take part in this competition. It is a great honor to be ranked 7th in the IIAC ranking. During the planning of this layout, the first main idea started with a small square photograph from a fairy tale book. With this photo, the first main theme of the design was formed and the back was completely improvised and this is how it started. From the hardscape process to the final, it was tiring but fun. As for plant choice, moss species that are compatible with root parts and in my opinion the moss natural with rhizome stems and plants planted at some points were preferred. I think the distance effect provides the best when considering the aquarium dimensions, and this effect was strengthened by the way I applied it at 3 different points. As an aquascaper, like many others with the same passion, water landscaping is a part of our lives. I'm happy to have meet this hoppy. I'm happy to be engaged in planted aquarium art. and thanks to this, I have made friends and friendships from all over the world. See you at the next competitions. 
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    The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) 2024 has seen a significant decline in the number of participants, with a drop of more than 20% compared to last year, marking the lowest participation in the past 14 years since 2009. Several factors can explain this phenomenon, and the following analysis will detail the main reasons.
  • Leisure - IIAC 2021 #08 - Lu Zhengyu / Taiwan

    The forest scene is the style i used when I participated in IIAC for the first time. This time, I want to recreate again the forest scene. I didn't think about how to create works with a tension. Instead, I present a peaceful and natureal forest in a simple and pure way. A beautiful corner in the forest.
  • Kei - IIAC 2021 #09 - Agussalim Jamaluddin / Indonesia

    I dedicated this landscape to my little boy by using his name "Kei". who make me so inspiring to make a wonderful tank. Every time, he walks around me while I design this tank. He always stops and say "I'm really proud of you daddy could make such a wonderful tank like this. this would be the number one!". I don't have enough time to play with my kids but they always have time and heart to support what i do
  • The Tune of The Windy Water - IIAC 2021 #10 - Rahul Mukherjee / India

    The tune of the Windy Waters' was created keeping in mind the movement or flow in nature specifically in any aquatic ecosystem and its effects upon its inhabitants a environment. Fallen or about to fall woods overgrown with mosses, epiphytes gets swayed in the direction of currents whereas fishes in multiple schools may take advantage of the current or against it in search of the paradise of their dreams.
  • KIAC 2024 Total Number of Entries

    KIAC 2024 Total Number of Entries - A total of 293 works were submitted from 49 countries. Thank you very much for your participation!
  • Fallowness - IIAC 2019 #1 - Yeo Siak Wee / Malaysia

    I'm very honor "Fallowness" wins the Grand Prize of 2019 IIAC. It means a lot to me and to the scapers in Malaysia. This is also a very successful turning point for us on changing Malaysian aquascaping style.
  • Dream On - IIAC 2019 #2 - Josh Sim / Malaysia

    "Dream On" is created based on a scene I discovered during one of my expeditions to our Malaysian local forest.
  • Halfmoon - IIAC 2019 #3 - Fabian Kassakawa / Brazil

    I begin my research looking for caves and forests photos so I could produce a fusion of the two styles I like the most, landscape and nature. 
  • Dream - IIAC 2019 #4 - Josh Sim / Malaysia

    "Dream" represent a transformation in my aquascaping style over the last 12 years. I was making complicated forest layout for the major part of my aquascaping journey and sophisticated forest is also the style that brought me "fame". 
  • Rasio Wild 3 - IIAC 2019 #6 - Herry Rasio / Indonesia

    Perseverance is exact word to describe this tank. This is four step planting process starting with the moss first. When the moss is quite steady in term of grow, I still need to add several details in here and there. 
  • Leisureliness - IIAC 2019 #7 - He Yi / China

    Aquascaping with flow, using simple hardscape with lots of plants, create the beauty of nature and enjoy the fun of aquascaping.
  • DRY's Cave - IIAC 2019 #8 - Dama / Indonesia

    This year I tried to mix vary of plants and hardscapes rich in colors and sizes, to define 3D effect. I hope can inspired people around the world. See you next year!!