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The next goal is the Best Aquarium Award. It may not be something you can aim for (but I want it!), but I'll do my best.

Now, let's talk about the making of the 2023 work.

First, decide on the theme and composition.
The material used this time is pumice, which was also used last year.



Step 1: Ideas 

I decided to slice pumice stones to create a waterside landscape with floating lotus leaves .

The sketch looks great! But there are also some concerns.
How should I create a straight line in the distance ? Too much black overall? etc...
I'm nervous because I can't come up with a concrete plan, but I'm going to start working on the framework.



Step 2: Materials

It's building the framework. Pumice Use black sliced ​​lava stone .

Sliced ​​pumice.

When divided into small pieces, it looks like a cooking ingredient. .


Step 3: Hardscape

Let's actually place the materials based on the sketch .

I also drew a line on the glass as a guide.

Hang it with a thin thread to determine its position.

Pumice stones are very light and easy to position.

Make something like a screen with sliced ​​lava stone

Glue the sliced ​​pumice stones together with a glue gun. (Pumice stone is too light and will float on water, so it needs to be glued.)

I made a lot of strange things. .

Arrange them in the aquarium.

We will also place the wall that will become a shadow.

It's patchwork, but I'm starting to see a shape.

Crafted in detail.

Now that the framework is complete, I will pour in the soil.

It looks like a terraced field. .

To prevent the soil from leaking out, I use sliced ​​lava stones to seal it up. Cotton is used for small parts.

I will pour water.

I spent so much time on the framework that I didn't have time to manage the mist. .


Step 4: Planting

We will plant aquatic plants.

If you don't use the mist method, you should just plant a lot of grass. . I gathered up aquatic plants and planted them.

May you grow up healthy!

They are growing well, but the placement of the aquatic plants is still rough.

Aquatic plants that have been grown many times and are familiar with them.

They are growing without any problems.

Added aquatic plants for the first time Ludwigia sphaerocarpa

It grows slowly but seems to be quite strong.

Junkus Repens

There's a little bit of moss on it. I wonder if it will grow well. .

Gradually adjust the arrangement of aquatic plants by repeating trimming .

I added some fish

As time passes, Junkus Repens turns red and looks nice.

It has gradually been put in place.



Step 5: Final 

The day before shooting.

I'll keep an eye on it to see if there's anything that needs to be adjusted.

Pull out and take a look, get closer, or take a picture with your smartphone. . .

I'll make adjustments if there are any concerns.

All of a sudden, parts are missing!

I had a drink to calm down.

I managed to reattach the parts. (I caught it in a dent that happened to be there. It looks like it will come off again soon!)

Dirt is noticeable on white materials. Are there any good anti-algae measures? The problem is carried over. . .

Author Eri Tokusasahi / Japan

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